Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva

2012, animation. In collaboration with Timur Shabaev.
We used a fragment of a song by Flura Kildiyarova.

I've always been interested in Soviet and Post-Soviet educational system. Every authoritarian state needs to control people in all aspects of their life. Of course school is an ideal place where you can teach people what they can be and can do, and what they can't. School in Russia is a totalitarian system with clear hierarchy. At list it was, when I grew up. If you're a student, you're lower being, just an extension of the teacher. You don't have any right to express yourself if it doesn't meet certain requirements. In my series I'm trying to compare the school to a dysfunctional family, which in my opinion are very similar in many ways, but different in scale. It's also very personal for me because my family was not functional at all. So the question ”What your parents taught you?” is very painful for me. Did they teach me the things that I need to know to feel comfortable in this world, to adapt better? Or did they just impose their own fears and doubts on me?

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